Set in Stone Sisters

7518 Washington Pike Corryton, TN 37721


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About the Business

Family owned, and representing three generations of women, Set in Stone Sisters was founded in 2011 with the aim of keeping Knoxville and East Tennessee’s heritage alive through art. Vintage images of local areas and Knoxville-area businesses can be found on coasters and magnets. All products are lovingly handmade either through stamping with ink or using a printed image that is then applied using decoupage. The products are then sealed so that they can be enjoyed for many years. Set in Stone Sisters can be found at the Market Square Farmers Market, the Knoxville Visitors Center, Folly Boutique, Nostalgia, and Tea and Treasures.

Every step in the creation of coasters is done by hand – the careful preparation of the natural travertine stone tile, the precise application of the images and the detailed finishing process – is all done by the four ladies!

The coasters come in a wide variety of vintage images ranging from old (primarily local) ads to all things Knoxville. They also highlight things in the surrounding communities that many Knoxvillians may remember - or their parents might remember. Set in Stone Sisters love hearing customers' stories of how their lives are intertwined with the images on the coasters they purchase.


About the Owners




LaVerne, of Set in Stone Sisters, knew from an early age that she wanted to be a nurse. After nearly 50 years of working in a Knoxville-area emergency room, though, she decided that what she really wanted to be was an artist. Bringing the habits of care and learning that nursing had given her, LaVerne began teaching herself how to work with stone, ink, and sealer to make custom coasters. With many fond memories of a lifetime spent in Knoxville, she decided that her art would be centered on vintage images of the places she had known and loved. To her surprise, there was a market of people who also loved to see the businesses, schools, and churches with which they had grown up. 





Lucinda's first love was drama. From scaring her siblings with ‘Devil’s Den’ plays on Halloween, through playing lead in high school plays, and finally the internationally known Berea College Country Dancers troupe, she had it. But college, a career in nursing, and two kids were more than enough drama for her on their own. Her new outlet came with art. She specializes in concrete work, but working with all the women in her family to pick out new images, and then the process of making magnets and coasters will always be her favorite with Set in Stone Sisters.





Marianne, of Set in Stone Sisters, has a passion for everything – her work as a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and manager at Stanley's Greenhouse always keep her connected to the community. That’s why she was excited at the idea of working with her Mom, sister, and niece to keep memories of Knoxville as it is today, and once was, alive through the artwork of Set In Stone Sisters. New memories and adventures are to be had meeting people who enjoy those items at every local craft fair and festival.






LaVerne calls Chelsea her “reluctant but responsible right-hand gal”. Having recently graduated from UT, and busy as a Nanny, Chelsea loves her time with friends and visiting local music festivals but she always has time to print, stamp, seal and cork the different hand-made items offered by Set in Stone Sisters. Chelsea’s favorite part is setting up the booth at the many events the Sisters attend, like the Rossini International Street Fair, Retropolitan Craft Fair and the Market Square Farmers Market, and getting to speak with the many old and new customers who stop by.