CMC Social Marketing


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About the Business

In 2017, CMC Social Marketing celebrates helping local businesses utilize social media for over 6 years. Their 13 years of marketing experience also allows them to unravel the confusion of traditional marketing options and select the methods that are best suited to reach the target market of the client. From social media, television, radio, print, billboards, and more CMC Social Marketing strives to work within your budget. CMC Social Marketing was founded on the basis that every business owner is entitled to targeted marketing that is effective and affordable.

They will tailor a marketing package to best fit the goals of your business. CMC Social Marketing offer social media customization, blog customization and marketing, search engine optimization campaigns, public relations, and traditional marketing options.

CMC Social Marketing believes with a well-researched and creatively-executed marketing plan, your business can reap one of the greatest benefits online social sites offer businesses, a direct connection to a target audience. Their goal is to put you in front of people with an interest in what you have to offer, and to make you a part of the community at large and online.

About the Owner

Christina “Tina” Courtney, owner of CMC Social Marketing, has a real passion for helping businesses reach their customers and clients through social media. Many of these business owners have limited funds to spend and need the most effective marketing for their hard-earned dollars. By promoting her clients and numerous other locally owned and operated companies, she has built a large online community.

After 13 years of marketing experience, Tina has mastered the social media process by successfully promoting, educating and engaging audiences. From increasing awareness to growing sales, each client benefits from social media and sometimes even traditional marketing by CMC Social Marketing. Tina can customize a social media and traditional marketing plan that works for you!