Cafe 4

4 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 544-4144

• Monday 7AM - 9:30PM
• Tuesday 7AM - 9:30PM
• Wednesday 7AM - 9:30PM
• Thursday 7AM - 9:30PM
• Friday 7AM - 9:30PM
• Saturday 9AM - 9:30PM
• Sunday 9AM - 8:30PM


• Monday 4PM - 10:00PM
• Tuesday 4PM - 10:00PM
• Wednesday- Saturday 4PM - Midnight

I Love Local Card Reward:

$5 Bar Bites in The Mezz

About the Business

Cafe 4 entered the downtown scene almost a decade ago, truly becoming a pioneer in Knoxville's substantial urban revitalization. Unbelievable to those who have only seen Market Square in its enlivened state, downtown Knoxville was anything but desirable at the time of Cafe 4's founding. The restaurant was birthed from a desire to bring hospitality and high quality local fare to the heart of Market Square. Their recipes and menu items are brought to life with much attention to detail, flavor and presentation. Their core value of serving with excellence is executed from the kitchen right to your table.

The newest addition to Cafe 4 is The Mezz. It is a cocktail lounge that makes handcrafted cocktails. What does that mean? It starts with the right spirits and the right glassware. They hand squeeze fresh juices from lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Our beverages are made according to tradition. What should be shaken is shaken and what should be stirred is stirred. To add complexity, depth and taste, they make an array of infusions, syrups and mixers... all in-house. Finally, they take extra care with their garnishes to insure your cocktail is an experience, not just a drink. Come and enjoy great drinks, delicious food in an intimate space without pretense!! Did you know about the weekly specials going on at The Mezz each night? 
- Punchbowls offered every night
- Specialty Shots every night
- Flights and Bites every Thursday night


About the Owner

Lori, owner of Cafe 4 , began her restaurant career when she was 16 years old as a dishwasher in a new establishment in El Paso, Texas. It wasn’t long before Lori graduated from dishwasher to prep cook and discovered a love for cooking. Two years later, Lori left for college where she attended the University of Iowa and ran track. Back then, even though Title IX had been enacted which gave equal opportunities under the law for all college athletes, female athletes were still required to participate in work-study programs in order to receive full financial support. Lori's options included the mail room, the campus bookstore or the food service program. Obviously, Lori chose the latter. This turned out to be providential. It was during those four years of college that Lori worked with a retired Master Chef who trained her in the finer aspects of cooking and her passion for the hospitality industry was forged. After graduation, Lori purchased a small diner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa out of bankruptcy for $6000.00 and opened her first restaurant! Lori ran the establishment until she met her husband, Jim, and moved to Knoxville.
It was here that they opened their first joint venture in Homberg called The Side Street Café. Shortly after opening, Lori became pregnant with their first child. Lori took a short sabbatical from the restaurant business to devote time to raising a family and reentered the field in 1998 with a Greek concept; Kalamata Kitchen. In 2008, Lori opened Café 4 on Market Square which was slightly prior to the downtown resurgence. Café 4 has been an amazing venture. In January of this year, they closed for two weeks to undergo some cosmetic renovations as well as build out The Mezz; a cocktail loft located above the restaurant. Lori's passion for the hospitality industry is matched only with her desire to constantly grow and innovate.