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About the Business

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can say so much more. Using videography for content and marketing is so important in an age where information is exchanged with a simple click of a button. Always Abounding offers a wide array of videography marketing for your company. Whether its advertising and promotion via Instagram and social media outlets or content for your website, they provide services that fit any small business’s budget. "Everyone is starting their own company these days. You have to be set apart, you have to ABOUND, if you want to be seen, if you want to be heard.” - Ryan

Ryan and Kaleb (owners) started meeting on Saturday mornings for Bible study. Sharing ideas and interests, their work was always a topic of discussion. “Ryan always wanted to start a media firm that specialized in videography and content creation. "I was freelancing as a graphic designer and offered to work on his logo. It kind of snowballed from there and soon we were working on projects side by side,” says Kaleb. Always Abounding is based off of Ryan's life’s verse, 1 Corinthians 15:58. "Read it for yourself! I’ve always wanted to go above and beyond with my work. Caring for and about our clients is what our business is all about.” adds Ryan. Always Abounding is more than just another multimedia firm. They keep the complicated simple and make the process fun and enjoyable. Ryan and Kaleb operate on one defining principle; they want to please God with how they conduct themselves in the small business sector. “We just want to love people through our work.” Kaleb says. By doing so, they provide an avenue for clients to tell their story through Videography, Graphic Design, and small Website Development. In an economy where their clients need a market presence quickly, they’ve made efficiency top priority without compromising the quality of their work.

Always Abounding's design side of the business has branched out to the corners of the country like California and Maine. From logos and branding to ad publications and T-shirt designs, AAM creates seamless transitions from the concept to final, end-product. “With my mother instilling a strong love for antiques,” Kaleb says, "I get most of my inspiration from old logos (often found in antique stores and pawn shops) that still have strong relevance today. A logo should be simple, a product’s packaging should stand out from the competition, and a company’s brand should never feel dated.”

About the Owners

Founder- Ryan Stanley

Founder- Ryan Stanley



(Pictured Right) Founder of Always Abounding, Ryan Stanley.

Ryan fell in love with videography after making a proposal video for his wife in 2004. With an extensive 11+ years of experience as an IT Specialist and multiple CompTIA certifications, Ryan is the MacGyver of the creative industry. From videography, editing, and direction to coding, web developing and content creating, this guy does it all. Constantly staying on top of media trends, his understanding for Video Marketing has helped multiple clients like Keystone Mortgage, Heritage Investors, Country Kinfolk, and Alpha Body Construction grow and sustain their businesses. He sees AAM as more than just a creative firm, but an opportunity to help local businesses thrive.

Co-Founder- Kaleb Buckner

Co-Founder- Kaleb Buckner










(Pictured Left) Co-Founder of Always Abounding, Kaleb Buckner.

Since 2, Kaleb caught the creative bug early on in his life through drawing, painting, and music. After getting his degree in marketing, he began to establish a design presence for himself. Kaleb and his wife reside in Knoxville where he has found a niche for local small businesses with marketing, web design, and rebranding through SIMPLE and CLEAN design. Born and raised in the hills of Tennessee, he avidly works to bring southern hospitality to every client. His most recent projects include Sugarlands Distillery, Tomato Head, Instagram Tennessee, Pilgrimage Festival, BioPet Labs and Foreign Language Academy. You can find most of his shirt designs for sale at Nothing Too Fancy, located in downtown Knoxville,TN.